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Managing your digital marketing 

Digital marketing has become the main vector through which it is ideal, not to say essential, to communicate. It is probably the least exploited and therefore has the greatest potential. The trend is towards digitization, it's time to get started!

  I offer coaching 
  support for the implementation 
   and the management of your 
  Digital Marketing.

  1. Digital marketing training

  2. Definition of your communication objectives

  3. Planning your communication  

  4. Coordination of all stakeholders, particularly in the creation and distribution of content.

  5. Review and improvement

SMC is the partner capable of carrying out and coordinating all digital marketing services*. Use our services so that each amount dedicated to your marketing is truly beneficial to your business.

*For this I call on the experts of my start-up Vakarme Marketing Digital


Support for certification according to

Today many bar turning or mechanical companies produce components for the medical industry. In the short term, all these companies will have to be certified according to ISO 13485. Indeed, the ISO 13485 standard requires that suppliers meet the same requirements as manufacturers of medical devices.

 ​ I offer you support coaching for certification according to ISO 13485.

I have established a Lean approach - "Management System according to ISO 13485:2016 for suppliers of turned components of Medical Devices" - identifying only the requirements that a bar turning or mechanical company must meet to be certified. This greatly facilitates understanding of the process and its benefits.

Coaching to improve your processes

Any organization has potential for increasing performance and reducing costs that our 4-phase method can identify and exploit.

 ​ I offer you a
support coaching
to improvement
of your processes.

  1. Structuring: clarifying and understanding the framework to be dealt with (organization, departments, processes) and thus planning the rest of the process.

  2. Identification of potential: identification of potential for improvement by following the progress of the processes (observation and questioning) to obtain a catalog of improvement proposals.

  3. Synthesis: determine and plan applicable global projects or targeted improvement actions.

  4. Implementation: the conduct of projects and actions must achieve significant results such as cost reduction, increased performance and productivity, more optimal use of available resources, etc.

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